Were Children Sleep

Because I want to start this weekend with the new bedroom for my little son, I thought of a book I bought last year from the photographer James Mollison “Were children sleep”.
This photographer, famous of his controversial Benetton pictures made ​​a photo report of 56 children from around the world and their own bedrooms.
His idea was to engage children in the details of the lives of other children around the world, and the social issues affecting them.

Having a adoptive boy from Haiti, I was very touched by this great book, knowing very well how important it is for a child to have a private place for himselve and to have herewith an own identity.

foto boek

JamesMollison-WhereChildrenSleep006JamesMollison-WhereChildrenSleep002 JamesMollison-WhereChildrenSleep005 JamesMollison-WhereChildrenSleep008 Where-Children-Sleep-03 where-children-sleep-james-mollison-child
pictures from the book Were Children Sleep

Feeling fortunate that we can give our boy his own bedroom…..


Blurb: from blog to book

What about publishing your own blogbook and let the world outside internet see what great work we bloggers, creating every time on our blog.
I discovered this amazing company which is very well targeted for us bloggers: Blurb

         blog-book-04_2                 blog-book-01_2

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Since I quite my company I noticed that organizing both, my house and my mind, is working so healthy. You can see things clearer and you become more aware of the beautiful things around you.
This week I came across the art work from a Swiss artist Ulrich Wehrli.
I think his work is a pretty nice visual representation of what is going on in a mans mind!

ursus-wehrli-3-1 The-art-of-Tidying-Up-Ursus-Wehrli-21 ursus-wehrli-artwork Ursus-Wehrli-soep-met-vermicelli ursus-wehrli-aufrauemen-freibad1

The picture above are from his book ‘Kunst, aufraumen’ and they really give you a nice feeling, don’t they?

Have a nice weekend!